Our Choirs

Members of the ARC choir performing in 2022 with Artistic Director Torri Airhart..

We are proud to offer three different choral experiences throughout the year! Each year, our choirs center around a theme that sets the tone for our performances. 

See our current season theme below, as well as an explanation of our 3 choirs and their individual components! 

ARC'S 2023-24 Season: A World Of Pixels

A World of Pixels...

Immersing ourselves into on-screen worlds, ARC is proud to present a season full of your favourite video game, movie, and television scores. This will be an exciting endeavour for our choirs and is sure to celebrate all the great music on your screen, on stage!

Graphic of an old television, with wording "Program Interruption...introducing ARC's 2023-24 season"

An ARC Season includes along with rehearsals and performances (Up2Something and She's Up2Something), monthly workshops as well as our ARC Accent, a weekend retreat full of music and group bonding! Workshop fees are included in the registration cost. Our ARC Accent comes at an additional cost.

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Members of the Up2Something choir performing in 2022.


About the Choir

Established in 2003, Up2Something is a diverse group of men and women who enjoy eclectic, fun and often challenging repertoire. This non-auditioned mixed choir offers those with and without choral experience or the ability to read music a place where they can enjoy the camaraderie of others with similar interests. Costumes, staging, as well as "age and stage-appropriate" movement and choreography are used to enhance the music and bring their performances to life.

Infused into every performance is a rich and diverse repertoire, often extravagant costumes, and a healthy dose of humour. The incorporation of choreography and theatrical elements makes for a fun experience for performers and audience alike. Repertoire covers a diverse range of genres and styles and affords an abundance of creative opportunities.

Tuesdays from 7-9pm @ "The Naz" (Calgary First Church of the Nazarene)

Full year includes Christmas and Spring Performances

She's Up2Something

About the Choir

She’s Up2Something is a warm and welcoming community of singers who are passionate about sharing the magic of voices in harmony. This choir provides a rich and exciting musical environment, with stellar SSA/SSAA material as well as in-house arrangements and original compositions. If you're looking to harmonize and grow in your singing skills with other like-minded women, She’s Up2Something is the group for you.

Thursdays from 7-9pm @ "The Naz" (Calgary First Church of the Nazarene)

Full year includes Christmas and Spring Performances

Members of the She's Up2Something choir performing in 2022.
Photo of various ARC members smiling at camera.

Something Good

About the Choir

With a focus on social conscious issues, and a heart for isolated and disadvantaged populations, Something Good members spend time not only rehearsing but also going out into communities around Calgary! Good members share lighthearted, interactive performances and invite their audiences to join in the music making experience. Something Good includes its very own house band, small instruments, song books, and everyone’s voices – SO GOOD!

Wednesdays from 1-3 pm @ "The Naz" (Calgary First Church of the Nazarene)

Opportunities to perform in community settings (TBD)

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